Tomorrow Is Another Day, TIAD
Model Agency

Tomorrow Is Another Day is known for scouting new exclusive talents on the street while especially focussing on boys. Working with international high fashion clients made Tomorrow Is Another Day one of the leading male model agencies for editorial, advertising and runway.

For Eva Gödel’s agency, we created the complete visual branding.
Logotype, corporate design, website, films

Since 2010


Logotype and the logo were created according to the perfins (perforated initials), used for stamps in Great Britain the 19th and 20th century.
In combination with the subdued typography and the iconic style of the photography, we coined a very strong visual appearance.

Hit the ground running with Alejandro, Andrew, Anton, Eric, Henning, Ibra, Ivonne, Rory
and Thore at Tomorrow Is Another Day. A video in collaboration with Stefan Heinrichs and
Samuel Perriard, Music by Rory O`Hara

Winter 2010, Christmas Greetings from Tomorrow Is Another Day, with Johannes S, Adrian, Konrad, Boris S, Lucas R, Fabian P, Arthur, Marco-Alexander, Isabel, Camera Eva Gödel, Stefan Heinrichs, Samuel Perriard, Editing David Gödel

Summer 2010
with Ole, Eric H,Piet, Eric H, Felix H, Felix S, Konrad, Benoit, Christopher P, Camera Eva Gödel, Editing David Gödel

Paris 2011 with Frederik, Arthur, Johannes S, Kai, Ole, Alexis L, Volker, Felix H, Boris S, Konrad, Eric H, Rory, Leon, Fabian P Camera Eva Gödel, Editing David Gödel

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